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      We are The Theory of Funkativity. Our tunes fuse complexity and passion to bring you a stripped down, melodic breed of California Funk/Rock that Spin Magazine describes as an "onslaught of thick, catchy guitar riffs mixed with a tight, reggae-like rhythm section." We play what we feel, and we mean what we play. It's real music.

       To create our sound, we bottle the radiance of Parliament's mothership, sculpt it with the smashed out intensity of Jimi Hendrix, then detonate it with the tight rock energy of the Red Hot Chili Peppers

      The Theory consists of Pat Cleary on vocals, Michael Perl on guitar, Kyle Burkle on bass, and Sean Brust on drums. We have been playing music together for seven years, but our friendship goes back long before that. Pat and Michael have known each other since preschool, and Sean and Kyle have been friends since age one. From this bond comes our tight, vibrant live sound. We operate as a single force of musical energy on stage, drawing an instinctive and dramatic drive from our friendship.

      We have performed shows throughout California including the main stage at the 2009 Sun God Festival. We have shared stages with N.E.R.D., Iron and Wine, Motion City Soundtrack, Sara Bareilles, Shiny Toy Guns, and more. In 2008, we won Spin Magazine's "Rock Pile" competition for best rock song with "Promised Land" and were featured on We also placed first in fan voting for's "Bebo Onstage" contest.

      So please, join us in our Odyssey to save music. Enjoy our tunes. For funk is its own reward.