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By The Theory
February 2, 2011 - 5pm
The Odyssey (Vol. 1) On iTunes
The Odyssey (Vol. 1), a collection containing Weeks 1-10 of the Odyssey, is now available on iTunes. This is a an exciting milestone for us. While we will continue to offer free downloads of our music, this provides a way for our followers to contribute to the band. Please help support The Theory by purchasing this album. The beauty of self-publishing is that we don't have to split profits with a record label. And, even if you don't own the album, please consider rating it in the iTunes store and leaving a quick review.
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The cover artwork is a piece by our good friend Coleman Buckley, the artist behind the funk alien that adorns our website and graces the cover of our self-titled album, The Theory of Funkativity (2008).
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