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By The Theory
June 26, 2010 - 1pm
The Odyssey: Music Creation For The 21st Century
Hello everyone. We've missed you. Since the release of our Self-Titled album in 2008, we have been jamming regularly and touring widely. We've had the honor of playing with incredible artists like N.E.R.D., Shiny Toy Guns, Iron and Wine, Sara Bareilles, and Girl Talk to name a few. We played amazing venues, met incredible people, learned a ton, and had the time of our lives. However, throughout our travels, we faced constant reminders of a grim reality: the music industry is failing. We've all heard the cries: "piracy is killing music,"
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"the industry can't adapt to the modern technology," "music is losing value," "modern bands suck," and so on. Everyone has a reason for why the industry is collapsing, but no one has an answer. Well, we think we have an answer. It's called the "Odyssey," and it's an ultra-personal, interactive music experience unlike anything in the history of recorded sound. The Odyssey is a blog in which we will release a new song every Monday at 7pm PT, in addition to regular posts throughout the week. For each song, we will discuss the inspiration behind the lyrics, instrumentals, and recording techniques. Songs can be purchased at any time for $1. On top of that, we are offering our entire collection of music on our site, 24/7, in a streaming player on our site at no charge. It's music creation and distribution for the 21st century. The Odyssey presents you, the fan, with a unique opportunity. You can follow along, download each song, write comments on each post, and become a part of our music making process. You get to engage in direct discussion with the band and with other fans, and in so doing your voice influences the way we write our music and content. We want to hear from you. The Odyssey is perfectly suited to the online marketplace. The music industry was built on the album format because, back then, the only efficient way to distribute music was to mass produce physical disks with large collections of songs. Bands delivered music every couple years, toured a bit in between, and that was it. That's not enough in today's on-demand world, so it's no wonder people are fed up with the current state of music. You have a right to demand more, and we are going to give it to you with a constant stream of blog posts, photos, videos, and most importantly, music. It's time to move on from the "album" and the "single." The Odyssey is the next logical step: an open-ended musical narrative where each song is written in the spirit of the fans and the songs that preceded it. Everything you find on this website is created and maintained entirely by us. Whenever possible, we humbly ask that you support the band by buying tracks, by donating, or by simply telling your friends about us. We hope you enjoy the Odyssey. It's a journey, and you're just as much a part of it as we are.
Love, Pat, Michael, Kyle, and Sean The Theory of Funkativity
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