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By The Theory
August 20, 2010 - 4pm
Still Life Contest!
Contest time! As you may have read in the "lyrics" section of this past Monday's post, our latest track "Still Life" is a love song about two real-life paintings. We purposely didn't name the two paintings so that we could make things fun for this week, and hold our first-ever CONTEST!!!!
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PRIZE: The winner of the contest will receive a limited edition copy of our self-titled album, autographed by all the members of the band. THE CHALLENGE: Can you find and name the two paintings described in the song??? The lyrics of the song are full of key clues that describe each painting. Check out the "Still Life" post to read the full lyrics. Here are some other helpful hints to help you refine your search: -both paintings are by Italian painters (two different Italian painters) -one of the artists was considered to be a Futurist painter -the other artistr was considered to be a Cubist painter -both paintings were on display at the Tate Modern together at one point in time -both paintings were painted between the years of 1910 - 1940 ENTRY: Once you think you've found the two paintings described in the song, send an email with each painting's title and corresponding artist's name. The first person to email the correct answers will be the winner. The deadline to enter the competition is September 2nd. The winner will be announced September 3rd. Good Luck!
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