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By Kyle
December 13, 2010 - 1pm
Hell yeah it's legal for me to buy beer. I have my driver's license to prove it. It's not the best picture of me, and my eyes are covered by my hair a little bit. But I like to think that one day the checker at the 7/11 down the street will stop asking me if it's fake. Nah, man, it's real. And I don't know who would admit to that.
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I know I maybe don't look 22, people still ask me which high school I go to. I graduated high school in 2006. That's like, 4 years ago. That's like, enough time for me to graduate high school all over again. But once was enough. It would be weird being in my 20's and in high school. Like, if I were going to school with my cousins? I think I would make them do my bidding. Seems the only reasonable thing to do.
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