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By Sean
November 24, 2010 - 5pm
Me 'N Vintage Fresh
so me 'n Vintage-Fresh were chillin' the other day...
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and I was like, "DAMN GURL. you need some new kicks."
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(SO SHE GOT 'EM) "...and some new grips..."
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(GOT 'EM) "...and some lubed shifts..."
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(ummmm.....GOT 'EM) basically, what happened was... Vintage-Fresh got psyched. an' we went in the shop. and i dropped her ass off. picked her up two days later. and she lookin' good now. we went around the block a few times... made some discoveries... LIKE: there's an alley that connects our street to the next street... didn't know THAT ex'histed. no one did...
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