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By Sean
September 10, 2010 - 4pm
Glass Doors
If you've seen our past posts and looked through our pictures, you might have noticed that we have two sliding doors in the middle of our studio that section off the live room room and the control room...
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They are an awesome feature of the studio.....but they have recently become my mortal enemy. It doesn't matter how many times I remind myself that they're there, I still frequently smash into them because I think they're open when they're not. Since childhood, I have smashed into glass doors wherever I encounter them. I fortunately haven't ever broken a glass door...but I almost wish I did at least once, because now it seems like sliding glass doors are universally stronger and more resilient than me.
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The smudges that you see on the glass of the doors in the studio are all from me bashing my face and body parts into the doors. Despite what you're thinking, I promise my eyesight is fine! To show that I am not alone in my glass-door-bashery I want to share with you a video I saw on youtube. I may be bad when it comes to glass doors, but some of these people take door-smashing to a whole new level. ....the best one is the guy with the coffee, hahhahaha
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