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By The Theory
January 27, 2011 - 11pm
Free Downloads And A Mission Statement
We have decided to make Weeks 1-10 of the Odyssey available to download...for FREE. We want to deeply thank all of our loyal followers for being so supportive of the Odyssey project. Your comments and emails made the process so much more meaningful for us. Now, we've mentioned a couple times that we would soon be asking something of you. That time has finally come. We want to take The Theory to the next level. We want to reach out to new fans, widen the influence of our music, and hit the world stage. To make this happen, we need your help. We ask that you please spread our music. Spread it to the farthest reaches of the internet, to bloggers, to radio hosts, to publicists, to record labels. Do it in person, do it over email, facebook, and twitter, and do it often. We will continue to repay you with fun new things including videos, blog plosts, and more. The bottom line: any time you find The Theory of Funkativity on your mind, please share it. Head on over to our shiny new Music Page where you can download the free tracks and listen to our entire collection in one convenient location. The "Free Download" buttons will take you to the Odyssey pages where you can download the songs. Any time you download a track, you will be provided with a button to share the track on Facebook or Twitter.
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