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By Michael
August 20, 2010 - 3am
Best in the World at "Monday Night Combat"
Update (8/20, 2pm): Uber Entertainment, the makers of "Monday Night Combat," just tweeted about us. Update (8/23, 5am): Sean and I have bested ourselves. We doubled our score, getting to round 1120 to set the overall world record (for any class). More pictures coming soon... Since "Monday Night Combat" was released on August 11th on Xbox Live Arcade, Sean, Kyle, Pat, and I have been playing religously. The game is's Team Fortress 2 meets tower defense. The goal is to defend your "Moneyball" against wave after wave of oncoming robots. The four of us have been meticulously developing our strategies and teamwork. At 11:30pm tonight, our gameplan perfected, Sean and I embarked on an epic quest for greatness. The match lasted for two and a half hours - two and a half hours of intense, infinitely focused gameplay - and we reached Round 572. That places us squarely atop the worldwide rankings by a healthy margin. Sean and I are, respectively, the best Gunner and Support players in the world. Booyah.
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