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By Sean
February 8, 2011 - 1pm
Adventure Time
What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME! For the past few months, me n' the boys have been addicted to "Adventure Time." It's a kids show on Cartoon Network that is wacky, smart, and insanely funny. It reminds me of classic cartoons like "Pinky and the Brain" because it has elements that appeal to kids, but also a lot of references, jokes, and situations that only adults would fully understand. The show revolves around the two main characters Jake (the dog) and Finn (the hu-man) who are constantly going on adventures, and saving all kinds of different types of princesses from evildoers. The animation style is really unique, and the world in which the characters live is trippy and bizarre.
To top it off, the show has amazing music. The score ranges from typical cartoon goofiness to rock, jazz, and 8-bit electro.
Check it out. Your inner child will thank me later...
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