Sewn are the final tangential planes
Sewn are the last somber refrains
Please do not make light of the bitter stains
The clouded peepholes
Through which they watch their games

Sewn are the eyelids of the infant child
Sewn are the lips with which he smiles
The family does not grieve, nor reconcile
Let him feel his mother's face
Before his home puts him to trial

Sewn are the clothes I aptly wear
Sewn is the impossibility of me being bare
Nothing dead or alive could make me care
For I am at the mercy
The unfaltering mercy of a profit share

Sewn is the heart that beats out of fear
Sewn is the fate of all those held dear
Neglect and Want do their best to steer
To navigate the predictable path
The satiated crowd notes its cue to cheer